2021 MRC Low Impact Development Conference



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Low Impact

The October 2021 MRC Low Impact Development Conference covered the full range of LID/GI tools, from comprehensive land use planning and manual creation to engineered design and construction of green roofs, infiltration devices, cisterns, and bioretention areas.

Experts shared case studies that demonstrated cost-effective means to set and meet pollution load reductions, recharge groundwater aquifers, and prevent flooding.

2021 MRC LID Conference Resources

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Making the Case for Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure (LID/GI)

The session demonstrates the need and feasibility for moving from conventional “grey” stormwater practices to greener stormwater practices. Presentations cover why LID is important and the issues that are driving the change to green stormwater infrastructure.

Restoring Rain’s Path

Joanie Regan, Stormwater Utility Manager (retired)
City of Cocoa Beach

Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience in the Indian River Lagoon and Beyond

Jason Evans, PhD, Executive Director
Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, Stetson University

What Is LID?

An overview of LID design tools will be presented along with case studies that demonstrate LID cost effectiveness and maintenance.

Stormwater/LID Manuals & Policymaking

Local government tools that guide and mandate Low Impact Development will be presented and reviewed. This session will help government leaders along the Lagoon visualize and implement similar tools.

Pinellas County’s Green Infrastructure Stormwater Manual — Lessons Learned in Modern Stormwater Management Requirements

Kelli Hammer Levy
Director, Pinellas County Public Works

Alachua County’s Stormwater Manual and Stormwater Treatment Code

Evan Shane Williams, PhD, PE
Stormwater Engineer, Environmental Protection Department, Alachua County

The Best, and the Rest, an Incomplete Review of LID and Stormwater Manuals from Florida and Beyond

Eban Z. Bean, PhD, PE
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida

State Stormwater Rules

Presenters will cover the history of stormwater rulemaking in Florida and where we are heading in the future.

Case Studies

Examples of Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure Projects will be shared through measureable outcomes and case studies.

Retrofitting Coastal Communities with LID

Donald D. Carpenter, PhD, PE, LEED AP
Vice President, Drummond Carpenter, PLLC

Transforming Tampa’s Tomorrow!

Daniel Parsons, Division Manager
Chris Zambito, Senior Project Manager

Successful Implementation of Green Infrastructure Practices

Chris Bogdan
Business Development Manager, Ferguson Waterworks

Planning for LID/GI

Presentations share visionary planning mechanisms and methods for planning to implement LID/GI on a regional scale.

Comprehensive Planning for LID/GI

Tara McCue, AICP
Director of Planning and Community Development, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Winter Haven: From Gray to Green — Enhanced Stormwater Design Criteria for a Hydrologically Impaired Basin

Kevin Albrecht, PE
Principal Engineer, Albrecht Engineering Group LLC

Visualizing a Salty Future: The Role of LID and Green Infrastructure in Adapting to Accelerating Sea Level Rise and a Changing Climate

Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture

Engaging the Development Community

This session focuses on engagement of the land development community and a panel discussion on how to get LID implemented more consistently throughout the region.

Engaging the Development Community: Outcomes of Volusia County’s LID Developer Workshops

Kelli McGee, J.D.
Executive Director, Riverside Conservancy

Tech Talk

Tech Talk With MRC’s Caity Savoia: Living Shorelines

Caity Savoia
Director of Science and Restoration, Marine Resources Council

Tech Talk With Chris Bogdan, Ferguson Waterworks: When Maintenance Drives Design

Chris Bogdan
Business Development Manager, Ferguson Waterworks

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