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Healthy Shorelines, Healthy Lagoon

Robust mangrove fringes, endless seagrass beds, crystal clear water, and a lagoon teeming with life. This was the reality of the Indian River Lagoon, and is the goal of the MRC Restoration Team. We can advise, design, and implement beautiful and resilient shorelines for any property along the lagoon or its tributaries
MRC has the largest state-licensed mangrove nursery in Florida.

MRC’s Mangrove Nursery

MRC has the largest state-licensed mangrove nursery in Florida! We are a proud home to thousands of mangroves, ranging from young propagule to mature tree.

Shoreline Restoration

MRC specializes in restoration through living shorelines, a low-impact development method that utilizes natural materials and vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat and mitigate erosion impacts.

Protecting our shorelines is an essential key to combatting the Lagoon’s biggest problem, a nutrient imbalance also known as eutrophication. There are a variety of options that could be implemented on your shoreline, including planting mangroves and other native vegetation engineered for coastal habitats and installing a breakwater of rip rap or oyster reef.

MRC can assist by conducting a site visit to determine the feasibility of implementing a project on your property and discussing the best options specific to your shoreline. Restoration services include shoreline consulting, native plantings, and breakwater permitting.

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Shoreline Restoration
Jupiter Island Greenway

Jupiter Island Greenway

Marine Resources Council manages a 45-acre Florida Communities Trust conservation property located in the Town of Jupiter Island in Martin County. This land is maintained quarterly for invasive species including Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, and carrotwood.

Removing invasive species is an essential aspect of land management to ensure native species are able to flourish. Invasive species can also add to coastal erosion issues and become an infrastructure storm hazard if they are not controlled. Learn how to identify invasive species and beautify your yard with natives by visiting your local University of Florida IFAS Extension office.

The Jupiter Island Greenway project also supports our monthly mangrove workshops, which allows us to engage the community in a hands-on learning experience caring for our mangrove nursery plants. Email if you would like to get involved!