2022 MRC Low Impact Development Conference



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Low Impact
Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The October 2022 MRC Low Impact Development Conference was a fantastic demonstration of community commitment and excitement as over 150 attendees worked in 23 planning teams to prioritize how to revise and update land development regulations and building codes to accommodate the use of Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI).

University of Florida IFAS
The Nature Conservancy

On the first day of the conference, Dr. Eban Bean of the University of Florida and Ms. Lesley Bertolotti of The Nature Conservancy presented and facilitated a group workshop, guiding attendees through a new audit tool funded by the FDEP that helps identify areas of existing building codes and land development regulations that could be modified to accommodate LID/GSI. Teams worked together to answer 40 questions about community issues and public support for the implementation of innovative stormwater tools.

Senator Debbie Mayfield began day 2 of the Marine Resources Council LID Conference examining the Clean Waterways Act and the need to achieve water quality improvements by improving stormwater management, requiring wastewater upgrades, septic tanks, and source controls. She was followed by Virginia Barker, Brevard County Natural Resources, who presented the update on the statewide Stormwater rule required as part of the Clean Waterways Act.

2022 MRC LID Conference Resources

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LID+GSI Community Scoping and Code Audit Tools

Eban Z. Bean, PhD, PE, Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Agricultural and BiologicalEngineering Department, University of Florida

Lesley Bertolotti, Sustainable Communities Program Manager
The Nature Conservancy

Critical Winter Haven Code Update Every Municipality and County Should Consider

Devon Moore, Environmental Scientist, Natural Resources Department
City of Winter Haven

Alachua County Stormwater Treatment Manual: Great Example of Adopting LID Into Code

Shane Williams, PhD, PE, Stormwater Engineer
Alachua County Environmental Protection Department

LID Lessons Learned in Alachua County

Alachua County Stormwater Treatment Manual

Alachua County Stormwater Treatment Manual

Clean Waterways Act Stormwater Provisions: Importance of SB 712

Virginia Barker, Director
Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department

Overcoming the Challenges of Green Infrastructure

Chris Bogdan, UGI Business Development Manager
Ferguson Waterworks

Fun Photos from the 2022 LID Conference

Fun Photos from the 2022 LID Conference

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Debbie Mayfield
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